Call To Action – USDA Public Comment Period (Defining Mature & Old-Growth Forests)


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Calling on BLM & Forest Service to Conserve Old Growth Forests – Public Comment Period Extended to Aug 30th

As climate change increases as a threat, new approaches to mitigate the issue are rapidly needed. Trees are often overlooked as a tool in the fight against climate change, but the reality is that they are one of the most important assets. Mature and old-growth trees sequester carbon from the atmosphere, are more fire-resistant than younger trees, and are critical resources for supplying clean and fresh water to our communities. However, the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management are still logging these forests at a time when we need them to remain standing.

In response to President Biden’s Earth Day Executive Order calling on the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management to conserve mature and old growth forests as a climate solution, the agencies have now opened an official request for public commentary on how to define and inventory mature and old growth trees. It is critical that we urge them to permanently protect these mature and old-growth trees on all federal lands across the country.

When developing “climate-informed restoration plans,” the federal agencies must protect these mature and old-growth trees that are vital for ecosystem and community health. It is essential for the agencies to let these trees stay standing and continue to grow.