Board of Natural Resources (BNR) Monthly Meeting

The Board of Natural Resources (BNR) sets policies to guide how the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) manages our state’s lands and resources. The Board has several responsibilities:
  • Approve trust land timber sales
  • Approve sales, exchanges, or purchases of trust lands
  • Establish the sustainable harvest level for forested trust lands

Stop ClearcuttingThe Board meets the first Tuesday of each month except August from 9 am to noon. The meetings are held in Olympia at the Department of Natural Resources Building.

The purpose of attending BNR meetings is to learn more about how they function and to make public comment on topics of interest.

The DNR website posts the agenda from each meeting a few days before the meeting.

Until we started attending BNR meetings we believed that our highest officials worked from a philosophy that regards Washington state’s natural resources as actual living matter essential for the physical and spiritual well-being of every part of the environment, not just as a source of revenue for expenditures.

After finding the meetings more akin to a day on the New York Stock Exchange, we realized the necessity of the voice of groups like the Washington Environmental Council and the Audubon Society, as well as community advocates like KEC.

Usually about 4 or 5 of us carpool to Olympia, leaving from a central location in Poulsbo around 7am and returning by 2pm. The ride down is a good time to get to know each other and discuss comments we each might want to make (two minute limit for public remarks). Please join us!

The DNR website posts the agenda from each meeting a few days before the meeting.