KEC Monthly Meetings – thru August 2020

photo by Nancy Sefton (update when attached)

At its May 6 meeting, the KEC board voted to emphasize work in our small teams between now and early August rather than having our regularly scheduled meetings. Listed below are the activities underway that we would like to encourage you to get involved in according to your particular interest. 

This decision means that we will not hold steering committee, general, and board meetings until at least early August nor will we have KEC Presents public events. This approach seems more in keeping with the current situation and what we are learning from you and other KEC members about the variation in people’s ability to focus on KEC-related matters right now. We are all in the same storm but not all in the same boat; we are each working in different ways to reestablish our individual and collective balance as we sail along.

The following work groups are underway. If you are not already a part of one and would like to be, please send a message to .

1          Our KEC Presents team members are conducting phone interviews with those on the KEC email list throughout the summer to learn more about their concerns, interests, and ideas for KEC action.

2          Our communications team will be continuing the monthly Now Hear This and emails, and encouraging Facebook and website posts. Here’s your opportunity to write and engage with our broad range of members and interested people as well as help shape public messages.

3          Another team is involved with state level matters including interactions with the Board of Natural Resources (BNR) and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). These matters include attention to the City Skidder timber sale in Jefferson County, responding to the DNR Climate Resilience Plan, following up with Senator Christine Rolfes related to the legislative and gubernatorial action based on last year’s SB 6488 legislative work group, and attending BNR monthly meetings.

4          We don’t have a specific group following up on Kitsap county matters (e.g., roadside maintenance/pesticide spraying, climate study, connection to community needs resulting from COVID-19 lockdown). However, there is high interest among several people about how the county could move toward new ways of making connections between county departments and with other organizations within the county to create a new way of thinking about the role of the environment in public health along with economic recovery.

Please join in these activities as your health, interest, time, and other commitments allow. Above all continue to given priority to your own health and that of our community.