2021 Year In Review – A Neighborhood Action

Kitsap Environmental Coalition

2021 Year In Review – A Neighborhood Action

I have been working with the Edgewater Beach Community board members since the spring of 2020 to help them understand the dangers of spraying herbicide as a weed-control agent in the Edgewater Beach watershed that directly drains into the Hood Canal.

After months of dialog, the Edgewater Board Members finally agreed to work with me. KEC members helped in this process by providing information regarding the dangers of herbicides, ways to work with the community, and by volunteering to help manually pull the invasive weeds.  Most importantly, they gave me moral support!

A grant was written by Jesse Adams of the Backyard Habitat program that, if approved, will supply us with native vegetation to replace what was lost to spraying the herbicide. In addition, a landscaping company has been hired to help with the invasive weeds. I will continue to hold work parties with the community members.

I am happy to report that I have been appointed to the Board!  This had been a goal of mine, but never thought that it would happen. Now I will have a vote!