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  • “Just Think About What You’re Doing”

    CENTRAL KITSAP — Neighbors on Levin Road could only watch last week, as giant cedar trees skirting the area around rural homes not far from the Bangor gate were logged and shorn of their limbs. […]

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  • Comments re: KC Public Works on the TIPS

    Reviewing the draft report on the North Sound to Olympics Trail Study (NSTO), two things stand out: 

    Public Comments, Appendix A
    And overall project cost, Appendix F
    Reading the public comments in Appendix A confirms that there is overwhelming community opposition to going through North Kitsap Heritage Park, even from people who ride bicycles. […]

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  • Critical Areas Ordinance – Comments Part 6


    The current CAO has two performance criteria for wetland buffer decreases:  (1) “provide as great or greater functions and values as…under the standard buffer”  (also referred to as “equivalent functions and values”) and (2) “no adverse impact” for buffer averaging. […}

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  • Critical Areas Ordinance – Comments Part 5


    There are multiple ecological functions of buffers. Evaluation of functions may require expertise in wetlands, streams, habitat, soil science, hydrology, hydrogeology, and/or stormwater.

    Currently, the department appears to rely entirely on wetland reports and habitat management plans from wetland specialists and fish/wildlife biologists, respectively. However, their expertise may not extend to all the technical areas necessary for adequate evaluation of buffer functions. […}

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  • Critical Areas Ordinance – Comments Part 4


    For critical area or buffer boundaries to be honored in the future they must be memorialized for future owners and residents. Current code lacks such provisions and transgression of boundaries is not uncommon. It is too tempting and easy for a current owner to extend a garden or yard by importing fill. The current requirement allowing wood posts, even if treated, is only a short-term solution. […}

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KEC educates and advocates for safe and clean water, air, and soil to support the health of all life. We focus on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington. We envision an Ecological and Just County – where all people along with wildlife thrive and are treated justly. Humans are part of nature, not owners of it.

Kitsap Environmental Coalition is a community of people dedicated to healthy lands, water, and habitat. We focus on Kitsap County, Washington, and we partner with people in other counties as they encounter conflicts similar to ones we face.

We educate ourselves and others through in-depth research, public presentations, speakers, films, flyers, letters to the editor, mainstream media coverage, digital social media, newsletters, tabling at farmers markets, and peaceful picketing. To date, we have created a powerful force in our campaign for safe and sustainable forestry practices.

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