KEC Clean WaterThe KEC educates and advocates for safe and clean water, air, and soil to support the health of all life. We focus on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington.

Kitsap Environmental Coalition is a community of people dedicated to healthy lands, water, and habitat. We focus on Kitsap County, Washington, and we partner with people in other counties as they encounter conflicts similar to ones we face.

We educate ourselves and others through in-depth research, public presentations, speakers, films, flyers, letters to the editor, mainstream media coverage, digital social media, newsletters, tabling at farmers markets, and peaceful picketing. To date, we have created a powerful force in our campaign for safe and sustainable forestry practices.

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  • Washington Forests for “All the People”: A Call to Action

    On July 21, 2022, the Washington State Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling in Conservation Northwest v. Commissioner of Public Lands, the “All the People” case. While the Court confirmed the trust mandate under which the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) operates, the Court found that the State has great latitude in how it is […]

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  • How will we value the amphibians?

    How will we value the amphibians? As printed April 27, 2022 in the Kitsap Sun At a time of increasing awareness of an environment in precipitous decline, STO proponents are, in effect, advocating for further habitat damage to the wetlands at North Kitsap Heritage Park (NKHP). While there are shared levels of environmental damage over […]

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  • Calling All KEC Members Urging You to Make Public Comment on the Draft Master Plan for Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park (PGFHP)

    Calling All KEC Members & Concerned Members of the Public Urging You to Make Public Comment on the Draft Master Plan for Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park (PGFHP) GOALS for our public PGFHP comments: Flood county government with emails Attend the Parks Advisory Board (PRAB) Meeting on Wednesday, April 20, 2022 at 6:00 pm via […]

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  • URGENT ACTION NEEDED PG Heritage Forest Park Master Plan – Comment period

    The following is from our March 17th,2022 KEC Newsletter Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park Draft Master Plan While we appreciate the opportunity and responsibility we have with the PG Forest Heritage Park as well as the hard work of many professionals and volunteers, the draft Master Plan has serious flaws related to environmental impact and […]

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  • KITSAP GREAT GIVE & Saving Kitsap’s Natural Treasures by Nancy Sefton and KEC members

    Did you ever find yourself “tsk-tsking” as you drove by those ugly forest clear cuts, a Kitsap County eyesore?  Several local woodlands have falling to the chain saws; with them goes the wildlife that once thrived there.  Does anyone care?  Thankfully, yes! In mid 2018, a new group was formed: the Kitsap Environmental Coalition.  Its […]

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