KEC Clean WaterThe KEC educates and advocates for safe and clean water, air, and soil to support the health of all life. We focus on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington.

Kitsap Environmental Coalition is a community of people dedicated to healthy lands, water, and habitat. We focus on Kitsap County, Washington, and we partner with people in other counties as they encounter conflicts similar to ones we face.

We educate ourselves and others through in-depth research, public presentations, speakers, films, flyers, letters to the editor, mainstream media coverage, digital social media, newsletters, tabling at farmers markets, and peaceful picketing. To date, we have created a powerful force in our campaign for safe and sustainable forestry practices.

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    FOREST DOCUMENTARIES  – a series of (3) documentary films In broadening our resources to share with our readers and making progress on a video library, this series of (3) videos was brought to our attention. Many stakeholders came together for these projects and show how to enhance and restore an endangered species forest These […]

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  • A Message from the Board of Kitsap Environmental Coalition

    Kitsap Environmental Coalition recently received a communication from a community member who believes environmental issues are separate from social ones and took issue with our support of memorial activities for Stonechild Chiefstick. We want to make our position 100% clear. KEC stands firmly in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives, Black Lives Matter, and […]

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  • I CAN’T BREATHE (NOW HEAR THIS newsletter, June 2020)

    George Floyd, echoing Eric Garner in 2014, gasped “I can’t breathe” as a Minneapolis police officer pinned his neck to the pavement with his knee, blocking his windpipe and blood vessels, calmly killing him before a crowd of onlookers whose iPhone cameras were trained on him. Millions have now seen those videos. Millions can’t breathe. […]

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  • Public Comments at May 5, 2020 Board of Natural Resources Meeting

    Beverly Parsons made the following the statement (with minor editorial changes) at the May 5, 2020 meeting of the Board of Natural Resources (BNR) which oversees the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR). I’m Beverly Parsons from Hansville, WA and president of the Kitsap Environmental Coalition.  I’m here today to call on BNR to […]

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  • MAYDAY! / MAY DAY (NOW HEAR THIS newsletter, May 2020)

    It’s May 1, the traditional day of spring celebrations. In the nineteenth century, May Day also became the day to celebrate workers, who in the cruel era of the Industrial Revolution organized strikes to campaign for the eight-hour workday. “Mayday!” is also the official international distress call issued as an airplane or ship is is […]

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