• KEC Presents: Growing Healthy Soils to Feed the World

    In the documentary Into the Soil, we follow Brigid LeFevre, who runs a community-supported agriculture operation (CSO) in Järna, Sweden. The members support this regenerative agriculture operation with money or hands-on help in the garden. […]

  • A Call for a Moratorium on Clear Cutting of Washington State Forest Lands

    STOP CLEAR-CUTTING OF WASHINGTON STATE FOREST LANDS We, the undersigned, call on Washington State leaders to take actions that will STOP ALL CLEAR-CUTTING OF STATE FOREST LANDS FOR TEN YEARS.  The urgency of impending (and already begun) climate catastrophe outweighs all other considerations regarding our forests. We understand that livelihoods and the state’s funding are […]

  • Alternatives to Glyphosate and other Chemical Herbicides

    Alternatives to Glyphosate and other Chemical Herbicides Chemical herbicides cause many pathological conditions in humans (infertility, immune problems, cancers), are contributing to the rapid extinction of many species, denature soil, and penetrate to the water table endangering the entire ecosystem (see DANGERS OF GLYPHOSATE). Dandelions and many other plants that Americans consider weeds support insects […]