• Annotated Bibliography: Amphibians and Trails and Road Surfaces

    Many people are not familiar with amphibians and the impact of trails and roads, especially in parks, on their behaviors. KEC has compiled this list of references for you to explore. Thanks to Dr. Tom Doty for these references.

  • How will we value the amphibians?

    How will we value the amphibians? As printed April 27, 2022 in the Kitsap Sun At a time of increasing awareness of an environment in precipitous decline, STO proponents are, in effect, advocating for further habitat damage to the wetlands at North Kitsap Heritage Park (NKHP). While there are shared levels of environmental damage over […]

  • NOW HEAR THIS Newsletter NOV 2019 – Rights of Nature

    RIGHTS OF NATURE Rights of Nature is a legal philosophy that is starting to influence the fight to preserve the environment. Rights of Nature is the recognition, quite simply, that nature has rights—that our ecosystems, including trees, oceans, animals, and mountains, have rights just as human beings do.[1] Since nature has no voice, it falls […]

  • Memorializing Forests of the Pacific Northwest

    MEMORIALIZING FORESTS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST If you come to Oregon or Washington today, you might question why I’m commemorating something that seems so alive and present. Ahh, you’re seeing the trees but not the forest. Look closer. The original forests, while dominated visually by trees, were alive with diverse vegetation and animal life. The […]

  • Rights of Nature

    Rights of Nature In the United States of America, nature has no rights. Nature has no agency. Nature has no standing in a court of law. This comes as a surprise to many of us. This is the result of the common paradigm we have in this country—the belief that nature is property.  A property […]