• Breaking Bud Forest Walk

    Come see the Tahuya Headwaters Creek legacy forest in Kitsap County, DNR was planning to log 66 acres of this forest in the “Breaking Bud” timber sale, but the discovery of a rare ecosystem has delayed the sale. […]

  • Joshua Wright, an inspiration to Youth and all who care about the environment

    Twenty-year-old Joshua Wright has been an activist since he was 14. He got his start with Fridays For Future and documentary filmmaking and has been intimately involved in forest conservation and advocacy since 2020. His work has involved advocacy, civil disobedience, mapping of rare ecosystems, organizing with tribes and documenting endangered species in both Washington State and British Columbia.[…]

  • Comment to Planners: Riparian Management Zones

    In contrast to current stream buffers in the prior CAO, Best Available Science calls for a broader perspective on what riparian management zones can do to protect streams, the salmon that rely upon them, and other wildlife that use these corridors. Site Potential Tree Height protects the natural environment we rely upon.

  • Washington Forests for “All the People”: A Call to Action

    On July 21, 2022, the Washington State Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling in Conservation Northwest v. Commissioner of Public Lands, the “All the People” case. While the Court confirmed the trust mandate under which the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) operates, the Court found that the State has great latitude in how it is […]

  • A Call for a Moratorium on Clear Cutting of Washington State Forest Lands

    STOP CLEAR-CUTTING OF WASHINGTON STATE FOREST LANDS We, the undersigned, call on Washington State leaders to take actions that will STOP ALL CLEAR-CUTTING OF STATE FOREST LANDS FOR TEN YEARS.  The urgency of impending (and already begun) climate catastrophe outweighs all other considerations regarding our forests. We understand that livelihoods and the state’s funding are […]