Comment to Planners: Raydient Rezone

I have lived here since 1986. Over the almost 40 years of living in Kitsap, I’ve seen the damaging result of poorly planned growth and suburban sprawl; it has been sad, frustrating, and disappointing. I’m hoping that this Comp Plan can be wiser and protect our dwindling but remaining rural lands, forests, and critical areas.

I want to call your attention to a specific rezone request in the Comprehensive Plan.

The 400 acres requested by Jon Rose for Raydient Corporation (#72).  This parcel should remain in 1:20 acre Rural wooded zoning and not be rezoned to Rural residential, 1 to 5 acres.  This is the wrong place for more housing density.  Raydient can profitably develop or sell the land under its current zoning.

If you look at the public comments in the Comprehensive plan, the majority of comments up until February 9th are against the rezoning of that property. I encourage you to read those community members’ comments; North Kitsap residents are very concerned about this rezoning proposal.

More than 1000 new homes are already coming to North Kitsap, and we do not need another intensive residential development geared toward high-income earners. Quadrupling the number of homes on Raydient’s Bond Road property will draw the population away from the designated growth areas, contributing to the sprawl the comprehensive plan is designed to avoid. The rezone will do nothing to address the missing middle housing for people already living in Kitsap, which the county is mandated to provide for.

Increasing residential density and adding commercial development will have negative impacts on quality of life, traffic and infrastructure, and is incompatible with existing rural and natural land use.

Please recommend denying this rezone.

Beth, N. Kitsap County