2020 Carbon Friendly Forestry Conference

Wasphoto by Nancy Sefton (update when attached)hington’s forests have enormous potential to be a tool in the global fight against climate change. Our forests sequester more carbon than anywhere else in the United States and are one of the biggest natural carbon sinks in the world.

We continue to explore ways to value and account for the important role forests play in storing carbon. We’re also ensuring this kind of science is informing ecologically responsible forest management on state lands.

As a part of this work, WEC hosts an annual Carbon Friendly Forestry Conference, bringing together diverse thinkers – policy makers, academics, conservationists, tribal representatives and staff, forest owners, and business leaders – to learn about and discuss innovative strategies and opportunities for sustainable forest management that can create a stronger economy and healthier communities in a changing climate. You can find more information and materials from our most recent event

The 2020 Carbon Friendly Forestry Conference will be a virtual event, held on November 17th and 18th.

Sessions will not to take up entire days, but rather will be spaced out over two days to reduce time demands and video-call fatigue for participants. We recommend marking these dates on your calendar as we work out further scheduling and format details.

Registration is expected to open in late September or early October, and we will make more details available as planning continues. If you have any questions, suggestions, or other thoughts, please share them with us by emailing sally@wecprotects.org.