Kitsap SURJ

January 21, Tuesday 6 – 8 PM Location TBD

(This meeting is a reschedule. It was previously planned for Jan 14, but was postponed due to weather-related closures.)

This meeting is our “Touchstone” meeting for the remaining winter season/quarter (DEC/JAN/FEB). Here’s what we’ll be doing:

  • We will share food!
  • We will have spacious check-ins: How are we doing in our connection to this group and to the work of undermining white supremacy culture?
  • We will have report-backs from our “Families.”
  • We will do skills building via our recurring small group activity of “This Week in Understanding and Undermining White Supremacy.”
  • We will decide upon the order and content specifics of the rest of the quarter’s six-pack of meetings, i.e. which will be “Action,” “Workshop,” “Film/Article & Discussion,” etc.
  • We will cover any other sort of planning things necessary to get our winter quarter squared away, such as upcoming work of the Kitsap Welcomes campaign.

Click here for link to Facebook event and more information.