Washington Community Rights Network State Gathering

This meeting is sponsored by CELDF  https://celdf.org/ and is available to all KEC Members.  For a Zoom link or more information, please contact KEC.

Washington Community Rights Network (WACRN)
State Gathering
Wednesday, March 17th @ 6pm
It has been quite awhile since there has been a statewide coming together of community rights advocates, activists, and supporters here in Washington state. Though it may not be visible, the building community rights movement nationally has significant roots in Washington as linked to past and current efforts.
To make up for lost time and to look ahead I would like to invite you and others from your organizations, groups, and networks  to join together on Wednesday, March 17th @ 6pm.
The time together will cover the following:
  • Getting to know one another
  • Status of community rights and rights of nature work where you live
  • Discussions on how to support what is currently happening in Washington
  • Discussions on how to spark more community rights activity across Washington
  • Connecting with Oregon community rights groups
  • Next steps