• Comment to Planners: Riparian Management Zones

    In contrast to current stream buffers in the prior CAO, Best Available Science calls for a broader perspective on what riparian management zones can do to protect streams, the salmon that rely upon them, and other wildlife that use these corridors. Site Potential Tree Height protects the natural environment we rely upon.

  • Comment to Planners: Regulatory Capture

    In the last ten years, I have seen acres of forest and their wildlife disappear. Overdevelopment is eradicating the natural beauty that brought me to Kitsap. Is this because the regulatory bodies supposed to control growth and protect the environment instead act on the premise that any development, anywhere, should happen, if at all possible?

  • Comment to Planners: Retaining Mature Trees

    The proposal to Replant Trees rather than Retain Trees in the UGAs needs to be revised. While intended to provide more buildable space, Alt 2 already provides excess buildable land. Preserving mature trees saves the 25+ years required for newly replanted trees to provide equivalent environmental value; this is critical time lost in the climate change crisis.

  • Comment to Planners: Kitsap’s Rural Lands

    Kitsap’s rural lands provide the beauty, nature and quality of life that draw people to this area. Growing up here, I have watched alarming sprawl, particularly changing Rural Residential to LAMRID. Once that door is open, there is no going back. Before you know it, Bond Road will look like Aurora Ave in Seattle.

  • Comment to Planners: No Rezone for Forest and Rural Open Space

    I’ve been following the research about climate change and watching what is happening in our own county related to increasing temperatures, water supply issues, and rising sea levels. Because of these changes and the increasing economic stresses on many people in our county, I support for Alternative 2 in the Comp Plan—with a critical exception.