• Comment to Planners: Kitsap’s Rural Lands

    Kitsap’s rural lands provide the beauty, nature and quality of life that draw people to this area. Growing up here, I have watched alarming sprawl, particularly changing Rural Residential to LAMRID. Once that door is open, there is no going back. Before you know it, Bond Road will look like Aurora Ave in Seattle.

  • Comment to Planners: No Rezone for Forest and Rural Open Space

    I’ve been following the research about climate change and watching what is happening in our own county related to increasing temperatures, water supply issues, and rising sea levels. Because of these changes and the increasing economic stresses on many people in our county, I support for Alternative 2 in the Comp Plan—with a critical exception.

  • Comment to Planners: Meeting Housing Allocations

    Encouraging redevelopment and in-fill in existing urban areas rather than expanding those areas is a better way to meet affordable housing allocations. Allowing higher density, improving transit availability, and reducing permit costs will help. The market is strong for well-designed compact homes, from downsizing seniors to first-home young adults.

  • Suggestions: Comprehensive Plan Chapter Review

    Kitsap County recently posted early-stage revisions of the Comprehensive Plan Chapters and called for comments. Our KEC Work Group on the Comprehensive Plan Update swung into action and submitted an extensive and thoughtful review of the chapters on May 31.

  • Suggestions: Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan Update Alternatives

    Suggestions: Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan Update Alternatives Kitsap County has provided three alternatives related to land use and zoning to be included in the Comprehensive Plan Update. Working groups of KEC members have been discussing the alternatives. Here are suggestions that they are providing for your consideration. We urge you to submit written comments (send […]