• Earth Day Tree Plantings in November & December – Port Gamble Heritage Park

    LIMITED OPPORTUNITY  – TREE PLANTING – HELP WANTED Have you been waiting for the perfect excuse to get outside and help make your environment a healthier place? Join us two Saturdays in November & December assisting for  3-hour blocks of tree planting with KEC’s own Lisa Hurt and Kitsap County Forester Arno Bergstrom. This is […]

  • All-in For Democracy Kitsap ERACE Coalition activities YOU can participate in before the election

    “All-in For Democracy” with Kitsap ERACE Coalition Click HERE for All-in For Democracy – calendar  Kitsap County, WA – Calling all community! Join Kitsap ERACE Coalition for All-in For Democracy, a campaign to center race equity and community engagement across many local efforts to mobilize voters, defend elections, and sustain democracy. Follow Kitsap ERACE Coalition (@KitsapERACEcoalition) […]


    FOREST DOCUMENTARIES  – a series of (3) documentary films In broadening our resources to share with our readers and making progress on a video library, this series of (3) videos was brought to our attention. Many stakeholders came together for these projects and show how to enhance and restore an endangered species forest https://vimeopro.com/user5597412/forest-documentaries These […]

  • I CAN’T BREATHE (NOW HEAR THIS newsletter, June 2020)

    George Floyd, echoing Eric Garner in 2014, gasped “I can’t breathe” as a Minneapolis police officer pinned his neck to the pavement with his knee, blocking his windpipe and blood vessels, calmly killing him before a crowd of onlookers whose iPhone cameras were trained on him. Millions have now seen those videos. Millions can’t breathe. […]

  • MAYDAY! / MAY DAY (NOW HEAR THIS newsletter, May 2020)

    It’s May 1, the traditional day of spring celebrations. In the nineteenth century, May Day also became the day to celebrate workers, who in the cruel era of the Industrial Revolution organized strikes to campaign for the eight-hour workday. “Mayday!” is also the official international distress call issued as an airplane or ship is is […]