Become a KEC Member

KEC is celebrating 5 years of successful environmental education and advocacy. We are maturing as an organization as we evolve our efforts to protect the environment and educate our community about the importance of nature and issues impacting it.

A part of our maturation process is redefining KEC membership. To date, membership has been defined by inclusion on our mailing list. We are now defining a voting member as one who donates a minimum of $10/year. Please download the membership form by clicking here. Your membership will improve the effectiveness and sustainability of our organization.

We are increasingly engaged in activities that benefit from fundraising. While KEC is volunteer-operated, KEC needs assistance for media and communications work where we do not have available volunteers. We also need assistance for meetings and materials to support events. In 2023 we did the following

  • We were key participants in the successful reactivation of the state’s Trust Lands Transfer program to preserve state lands, including the Eglon Traut Lands.
  • KEC was a major force in the successful effort to transfer Eglon Preserve from State controlled “management for money” to County controlled “management for nature”.
  • We are supporting KEC members as they challenge the County about excessive variances to wetland buffers.
  • We have extensively commented on the proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan, Critical Areas Ordinance, and the Parks Recreation and Open Space Plan to ensure it reflects the goals that align with our mission.
  • Recently we re-started the monthly KEC Presents, the monthly showings of nature-focused films, at the Village Green in Kingston.
  • In April, the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners designated KEC as the Kitsap County environmental group of the year.
  • We are creating more alliances and ways of working with other like-minded organizations to support our shared mission and work.

In 2024, we will be focusing more on Net Ecological Gain. NEG means that we no longer simply accept preventing damage and loss to existing natural areas or contamination of our environments. We advocate for protections and improvements to more areas than those already preserved.

We greatly appreciate the work you do for our environment. The leaders of the Kitsap Environmental Coalition look forward to working with you in 2024 and are eager to have you become a KEC member.